They want a candidate who has been tested, someone who has the experience and temperament to get the job done. I have 22 years of experience as a local prosecutor here in Lexington, Saluda, Edgefield, and McCormick counties. I have successfully prosecuted some of the most heinous crimes in our community’s history - including murder and death penalty cases.



Rick Hubbard believes in the rule of law.  He is one of the most experienced prosecutors in the State of South Carolina and is most qualified to represent the Eleventh Judicial Circuit as our next Solicitor. (The Eleventh Circuit includes Lexington, Edgefield, McCormick, and Saluda Counties.) 


Rick Hubbard has long ties to this State. He grew up in the upstate and graduated from Furman University in 1987.  Hubbard then attended and graduated from the University of South Carolina School of Law in 1990.


One of his first jobs after law school was working as a law clerk for the Honorable Hubert E. Long of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. Upon Judge Long’s retirement, Hubbard clerked for the Honorable William P. Keesley, also of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit.


In 1994, Rick Hubbard joined the Solicitor’s office and became an Assistant Solicitor. Only three weeks after joining that office, Rick tried and convicted someone for Driving Under the Influence.  Several months later, Hubbard tried his first murder case with Deputy Solicitor Knox McMahon.  During these early years, Rick prosecuted many cases in all four counties of the Eleventh Circuit.

Hubbard quickly rose up through the office and earned a reputation as a top notch prosecutor. In 1997, Hubbard was named a Senior Assistant Solicitor.  In 2002, Hubbard became a Deputy Solicitor.  Hubbard prosecuted complex and violent felonies, including death penalty cases.  He also assisted and advised the Assistant Solicitors in the prosecution of their cases.


In addition to all his duties as a prosecutor, Rick had supervisory and managerial responsibilities and was known for ability to turn things around.  Hubbard was responsible for supervising all the attorneys and support staff in the Lexington office.  He assigned cases and served as an advisor and mentor to all of the prosecutors.  Hubbard also prepared and presented the office budget and handled complex personnel issues including hiring and firing employees.


Hubbard also built a strong reputation as someone who could fix problems.  Hubbard took control of the criminal docket and systematically reduced the extensive case backlog.  Back then, the docket had approximately 11,000 cases and Hubbard reduced it to around 3,000.  Hubbard also created a Violent Crime Task Force that targeted our most violent criminals.  These combined efforts helped reduce an overcrowded jail and kept the most violent offenders off the street.


For all these efforts Rick Hubbard was awarded the Ernest F. Hollings Award for Excellence in State Prosecution in 2007.  This is widely accepted as the state’s highest award for a state prosecutor.


Hubbard understands building and maintaining relationships with all members of law enforcement is important.  Rick routinely advises local and state law enforcement on legal issues concerning the investigation and apprehension of criminals, including cases involving capital murder.  Hubbard has served as an instructor to other prosecutors from all over the country, teaching trial techniques at the National Advocacy Center in Columbia.  Hubbard has also conducted numerous training seminars for South Carolina prosecutors, including courses on how to prepare and try death penalty cases.  Hubbard has also conducted numerous legal seminars for law enforcement, magistrates and most importantly victim advocates,


In June of 2015, Hubbard was asked to become a Deputy Attorney General in the Criminal Division for South Carolina’s Attorney General - Alan Wilson.  Hubbard was tasked with reorganizing the criminal division to make it a more effective and efficient organization.  With the Attorney General's approval, Rick instituted all of the necessary changes and was then hired to transition into the Chief Deputy Attorney General position.  The Chief Deputy is responsible for supervising and managing the entire staff of 230 people.  Before he could become Chief Deputy Attorney General, Hubbard decided to pursue another dream.


On March 16, 2016, Rick Hubbard filed the necessary paperwork to become a Republican candidate for Solicitor of the Eleventh Judicial Circuit covering Lexington, Saluda, Edgefield and McCormick Counties.  Hubbard believes in justice and has a great respect for law and order.  He is committed to running a positive, issues based campaign and if elected will serve all citizens of Lexington, Edgefield, McCormick and Saluda counties.




• Experienced in cutting wasteful spending and protecting taxpayer money

• Reduced case backlog from almost 11,000 cases to 3,000, saving taxpayer money

• Reduced overcrowded jails while keeping the most violent offenders off the street

• Will continue to ensure victims have their day in court quickly because justice delayed is justice denied



• Created Violent Crime Task Force to target our most violent criminals

• Focused resources on prosecuting most violent offenders to make our streets safer

• Tried and convicted some of the Circuit’s most violent criminals



• Routinely advises local and state law enforcement on legal issues concerning investigation and apprehension of criminals

• Served as instructor for fellow prosecutors teaching trial techniques, including how to prepare and try death penalty cases

• Conducted training seminars for South Carolina prosecutors and law enforcement