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On Friday, May 6, 2016 a respected group of current and former law enforcement officers led by Lexington County Sheriff Jay Koon met to endorse and actively support Rick Hubbard’s candidacy for 11th Circuit Solicitor as his advisory committee.


“When it comes to ensuring the successful prosecution of criminals, the link between law enforcement and the Solicitor’s office is vital. With Rick Hubbard as our next Solicitor, we can be confident that the strong working relationship that currently exists will continue under Rick’s steady, experienced leadership,” Sheriff Koon said regarding the endorsements.


“I am honored to have the support of such an experienced and respected group of public servants. Their endorsements are personally meaningful as each one represents a relationship forged over years of working together and I look forward to hearing their thoughts on the ways we can potentially update or strengthen the process,” Hubbard said in reference to the advisory committee’s members.


While it will likely grow, Hubbard’s LEOs for Rick, Chaired by Sheriff Koon is comprised of current and retired members of local, county and state law enforcement divisions.


In addition to Koon, advisory committee members are:

A. Lewis McCarty

Former Sheriff of Lexington County

Steven A. Smith

Former Assistant Director of SLED

A.G. Dantzler

Former Chief of Cayce

Liz Wright

Former Chief of Pine Ridge

Bruce Otterbacher

Senior Special Agent, SLED, Rtd.


Murray Fant

Captain, SLED, Rtd.


Carl Young

Chief Deputy of Lexington Co. Sheriff’s Dept., Rtd.

Charles McNair

Chief of Cayce Public Safety, Rtd.

Chip Johnson

Captain, SLED, Rtd.


Danny Meyers

Senior Special Agent, SLED, Rtd.

Rick McLeod

Senior Special Agent, SLED, Rtd.

Luther Beason

Chief Deputy Coroner of Edgefield Co.

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